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Burton 2s vs Buxton Ladies 1s

13 October 2018

Result: 3 – 1

Player of the match: Helen Szostakowicz

The early start and blustery wind set the scene for the first ten minutes of play for the Buxton Ladies 1s but not the whole match.  The ladies travelled to Shobnall Leisure Centre, home to this week’s opposition: Burton Ladies 2s. Playing into the wind the Bucks took a moment to get into the game with Burton’s well-rehearsed, set moves ensuring the Buxton defence of Helen Szostakowicz, Molly Wilson, Sam Armitage and Emily Bradbury were kept busy.

Buxton worked hard to use short fast passes to get around Burton, with some effective play being made up the wings by Emma Longden and Kirsten Moore supported by Captain Nicole Roe whose tireless running helped the Bucks progress up the field of play.  However, Burton where quick to close the Buxton Captain down and ably counter attacked with quick fluid hockey moving back down the field towards the Buxton defence. Unfortunately, it was the home side who gained the lead with two goals in the first half, however, this didn’t deter the Buxton Ladies but spurred the Bucks on to fight back and ensure the Burton side had to work harder. Emily Bradbury was a Marshall at the back, and despite the mounting pressure Buxton limited the attempts on goal!

2-0 down the Bucks half time talk concluded that they were giving their opposition too much respect and that they were still in the game.  The plan for the second half was to keep the intensity going, forcing the opposition to tire and to continue taking the chances being created.   And so, that’s what they did.

Karen Chetwood kept the Burton defence busy staying upfield and making herself available to receive hits from Nel Dexter-Lowe in midfield.  This along with some effective passes from Hannah Collins and Eleanor Shaw saw some opportunities in the D for Buxton with a couple of shots going wide for the Bucks and other attempts by Kirsty Dewberry and Ellie Higgins-Brown thwarted by the Burton defence who swiftly played the ball out to their waiting mids.   

Despite some tenacious defending from Kirsty Dewberry on Buxton’s frontline the Burton team were able to make a quick turnaround on several occasions.  On one such foray into the D, Sharon Sessions fortunately had a foot strategically placed on the goal line stopping the Burton ball from hitting the backboard and providing keeper Helen Szostakowicz with her player of the match moment… a penalty flick awarded to Burton.  The players all cleared the D leaving just Szostakowicz and one confident Burton player placing the ball on the P spot. Helen Szostakowicz stood centre of goal, knees slightly bent, ready to pounce. The pitch at Shobnall fell eerily quiet as the Burton player expertly placed stick on ball aiming bottom right of keeper, Szostakowicz, who deftly stretched out towards the goal line to clear the ball and deny Burton a third goal.

With a new-found gusto and fire in their bellies the Buxton Ladies bounced back ready to show their true Buxton spirit.  The Bucks played with improved confidence, switching the ball round the back line from Sharon Sessions at left back across to Sam Armitage at right back and up the wing.  Kirsty Dewberry at Centre Forward and Ellie Higgins-Brown in midfield fought valiantly chasing lots of balls down and hassling the opposition, not being afraid to put themselves in harm’s way.   Karen Chetwood had a shot that was saved, and Hannah Collins was extremely unlucky not to get a couple of goals, which went just wide by a whisker. Burton continued to battle and were awarded numerous penalty corners.  Towards the end of the second half Burton were once again in the D with the Buxton defence battling tirelessly as the ball was fired directly at the goal where Nel Dexter-Lowe presented her stick deflecting the ball over the Buxton keeper’s head giving Burton a 3-0 lead.

Still undeterred the Buxton 1s moved the ball swiftly upfield gaining a last attempt on goal with a final penalty corner and an opportunity of redemption for Dexter-Lowe.  The Buxton defence left their keeper to watch from the opposite end of the pitch joining their teammates to make the most of this last opportunity to score. With an unstoppable deflection from Nel Dexter-Lowe the Burton keeper had no chance of holding onto her clean sheet and Buxton came away heads held high.  Final score Burton 3 Buxton 1.

DOD:  Sharon Sessions (for the most magical unicorn nails, and almost taking the skipper out with her bag, and not knowing how to turn the changing room lights on – like anyone else did anyway!!!)

Player of the Match:  Helen “guess who saved another penalty flick” Szostakowicz

Players:  Nicole Roe (Captain), Mrs Alan Chetwood, Helen Szostakowicz, Sam Armitage, Molly Wilson, Emily Bradbury, Sharon Sessions, Nel Dexter-Lowe, Emma Longden, Kirsten Moore, Eleanor Shaw, Hannah Collins, Ellie Higgins-Brown, Kirsty Dewberry