Buxton Hockey Club

Derbyshire based hockey club with mens, ladies and junior teams for players of all ability.

Buxton 3s vs Wednesbury

6 October 2018

Result: 8-0

Player of the match: Frankie Heathcoate
DoD – Dom “Jane Fonda” Irving

Wednesbury came to Buxton with 8 players, and set up defensively from the off set. It took 18 minutes for the Buxton 3s to score. The team was set up with 11 players. Steve Norton, Andy Shaw, Pat Cafferty, Jane Fonda, Matt Golding, Frankie Heathcote, Steve Watson, Rees Gibbs, Dan Lowton, Wayne Pearson & Tim Hewitt. The game was fast paced and had replications of the 3s’ famous “champagne moment” as the pressure on Wednesbury didn’t ease. Wednesbury had one chance when Steve Norton had a rare lapse in concentration, to no avail, leading to nothing more than a failed attempt on goal through a short corner.

* Wayne scored.
* Steve Watson headbutted the ball.